Venice wedding photographer captures decoration in Amman hotel

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A lavish cosmopolitan wedding in the notorious Amman hotel in venice

Romance Married Luxury At This Dreamy Destination Wedding

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A discerning Venice wedding photographer possesses an innate understanding of how this enchanting city serves as an idyllic backdrop for couples seeking an exquisite and romantic celebration. Venice, with its postcard-perfect charm, delivers on its promises and surpasses all expectations. From majestic palaces to meandering canals and adorned gondolas piloted by traditionally attired gondoliers, every element intertwines seamlessly to create an unparalleled experience, even for the most discerning of couples.

In the case of A & N, who sought nothing short of excellence for their wedding, the absence of budget constraints allowed boundless creativity and imagination to flourish. With loved ones journeying from around the globe, they embarked on a one-of-a-kind celebration hosted at the renowned Aman hotel, a venue that has witnessed the nuptials of Hollywood luminaries such as George Clooney. Honouring their Greek heritage, akin to this Venice wedding photographer, the couple exchanged vows in the resplendent cathedral of San Giorgio dei Greci, an architectural marvel that leaves visitors spellbound.

Under the skilled direction of the esteemed celebrity wedding designer, MR.CO, guests were left in awe as the dinner room transformed into a luminous golden forest, an ethereal setting that captivated all who entered. As is customary with many celebrity weddings, A & N sought to maintain privacy and opted to limit the online presence of their images. Hence, this Venice wedding photographer is only able to share a select few photographs from this dazzling celebration, a tantalizing glimpse into the splendor and magnificence of their special day.

Embrace the allure of Venice, where dreams are woven into reality, and let this Venice wedding photographer capture the essence of your extraordinary love story against the backdrop of this timeless city.

Wedding Design, Planning & Styling : MR.CO / Wedding Florals : Pavlos The Flower Workshop / Lighting & Sound : Sounds Good by Alexis Niaounakis / Venice Wedding Venue : Aman Venice / Bridal Dress : Elie Saab / Wedding Videography : Lee Bakogiannakis

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