Amalfi coast Italy from above

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"Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell."

How do you analyse elegance? Does it reside in certain lines, the mysteries and rituals of life?

To me it is the rich and varied path of two people coming together. With eyes on all those present and tenderness towards the bashful, I photograph weddings to move and to be moved, unfolding experiences at every corner, in every moment, to capture love and make it infinite.

Timeworn architecture and sensory splendor guided my first steps into auberge and fashion photography. The son of a photostore owner, I moved from a spirited shutterbug to a decisive European School of Photography graduate. My first commission as a wedding professional arrived in 2K, and in 2006 my wedding photography brand was established. I had one mission: to be the most hard working person in the room, bring out the best of those before my lens, and thread together an elegant story where simplicity is key.

Soon, there was an enchanting mix of cultures, balconied dwellings, a great brew of incredible people and their beautiful families, a trail of unexpected journeys filled with a sense of promise ,and a whole lot of love. Love is the thing, you know. In fact, the only times I have experienced true happiness were when I was in love. Call me a dreamer, but I believe love can last forever.

Today you’ll find me experiencing new worlds with my brides and grooms, taking in spice plantations where vanilla vines and ylang-ylang grow wild, exploring the coasts of Europe and packing neatly for my next destination wedding with a heart that skips a beat. When I’m not traveling to document exuberant bashes and romantic affairs, you may catch me redhanded dancing solo in my kitchen over a simmering pot, taking my son on a foodie roadtrip or a basketball game, or fire- starting a neatly-planned soiree. I love to watch every-day life unfold quietly and in-between hand-holding walks with my beloved there has to be a tennis match , a kick-boxing afternoon and a gratifying salsa spin.

Poseidonion Spetses drone image

I’m the type of travel-obsessed person who plans my next trip while boarding the plane home from my last. My wanderlust immediately runs wild when I get to document wedding on the Greek Islands which always feels as classic as putting on a record, or diving into an old book. The Cyclades are definitely one of my favourite places to be. The food, the sun, the nightlife, the sea, the relaxed mood, the island vibe.. all click inside me in a way that no other place makes me feel. And if your hearts soar to a faraway romantic spot, getting very “away” with you will come with an upologetically big yes on my part. Having photographed weddings and portraits around the world, I feel regenerated at each stop. In fact, Paros, Mykonos, Crete, Santorini and Mani in Greece, Amalfi Coast in Italy and Belgrade are on my itinerary this year, so if you’d like to join me along the way I’m always game to make a plan and meet you there.

Santorini, Greece

May, 2021

amalfi coast, Italy

June, 2021

Mykonos, greece

July, 2021

Paros, Greece

Aug, 2021

GEt in touch

Belgrade, SRB

Sept, 2021

Designer I adore: Celia Kritharioti / I become shopaholic: When I visit my fav tailor, Bespoke Athens / Destinations I always want to go back to: Florence & Maldives / A perfume to die for: Angels' Share by Kilian / My perfect day: Wandering around the whitewashed alleys of Santorini with my love / The photographer I look up to: the master..Vincent Peters / Having fun in the kitchen: When making poke bowls and vegan burgers / Team I support: Milwaukee Bucks, go Giannis! / Movie I recently enjoyed: Malcolm and Marie / Book character I love: Zorbas the Greek for his freedom / Can't live without: People! The more, the merrier! / Spending my free time: Working out, playing padel, having mountain walks and enjoying a chess game.

BW portrait of Greece photographer Thanos Asfis

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