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A Spetses micro wedding inspired by Luxury Romance and aristocratic taste, at the cosmopolitan island of spetses

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Classy Love, Elegance and Island Luxury Style in Spetses Riviera Wedding

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If you're a classic wedding loving duo with a penchant for horse-drawn carriages and grand dame hotels, this insanely elegant destination microwedding in Greece is right up your alley.

When it comes to perennially sparkling, azure vistas, endless olive groves, and vineyards interspersed with clusters of perfectly manicured hilltop manors, flaxen shores, and old-world ambiance, this Spetses wedding photographer can't resist. And if like yours truly, you're a classic wedding-loving duo with a penchant for horse-drawn carriages and Grand Dame hotels, Konstantinos and Eugenia's insanely elegant destination microwedding on Spetses island is bound to make you fall in love! Again! Promise!

I'm always the first to say that getting wed represents a major milestone in a couple's life. With their romance in full bloom, K & E embarked on their new uncharted chapter in life, looking for the perfect Greece wedding destination filled with timeless touches, steeped in history and beauty that stuns. Informed about my couple's love for a Spetses wedding photographer who is not simply familiar but head over heels with the Island of Spices and its paved, slow-lane majesty, I was thrilled to be the one to capture their wedding. One I was certain, their destination I do's were going to be an incredible experience. Even more so, because they had just sided with Anjie Only For You, a tour de force Spetses wedding planner, whose vision ranks high up my scale of dreamy. Keep scrolling to view the happiness of their day shine, and get the lowdown on so many Spetses wedding insights!

Delightfully ensconced just a few miles off the Peloponnesian coast, the tranquil ambiance of Spetses -interrupted only by the sound of singing cicadas, the occasional breedle of a grocery-laden Tuktuk or the languid telltale gallop of a horse-carriage "no cars are allowed"- owes much to the mentality that living over these parts is indeed a form of art. Some of the Saronic's best restaurants entice long-lunch lovers with food harvested from the surrounding fields and cooked in oil pressed from the ancient groves; fragrant citruses and skirting bougainvilleas underline Spetses' olfactory and visual charm; The historic town is laced with swank boutiques, and the wooden sailboat and yacht-clad Dapia shines under the sun, its iconic Kafeneion synonymous to the chic crowds offering coffee and almond gateaux; Spetses' vibrant culture, with the Royal Regata, Classic Car Rally, and awe-inspiring Tweed Run, which this Spetses wedding photographer loves to attend, to mention a few of its old-world style-attesting lures, have been attracting artists, intellectuals, royalty, and celebrities for years. Add in Greece's most spectacular Dame, Poseidonion Grand Hotel, and you can easily see why Konstantinos and Eugenia nailed the perfect place (and Spetses wedding venue) for their special day.

spetses wedding photographer makes portrait of gorgeous bride by the window of Grand Hotel Poseidonion suite
Groom waits for his bride in front of Agios Nikolaos Spetses
Spetses wedding photographer captures bouquet at the window of Poseidonion Grand Hotel

As a wedding photographer in Spetses, if anything serves as the most charming reminder of pre-and post-modern Greece, this has to be Poseidonion Grand Hotel. Ever since its opening in 1914, this spectacular Spetses wedding venue, modeled on Côte d’Azur’s Negresco, has been the absolute retreat coveted by shipping magnates, Hollywood, royalty, and A-listers worth their salt. The paling signatures on its illustrious guest book read like a roll call of sixties glitterati - Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, the Churchills, the Kennedys, the Rothchilds.. while in 2010, Poseidonion Grand Hotel became the venue of choice for the Royal Wedding of Prince Nikolaos & Tatiana Blatnik. In fact, on the day of their Spetses wedding, looking out of her suite window, my bride Eugenia had a clear view of the royal yacht Afroessa moored right in front. How cool is that! After a refreshing morning dive in the twinkling pool, the time for Eugenia's bridal preps finally arrived, and I headed upstairs to begin capturing the first details.

There's no denying every fine art wedding photographer in Spetses loves perfectly curated bridal trousseaus and details. I instantly fell for E & K's classically romantic Spetses wedding elements. My first captions involved the invitation suites by Atelier Invitations, complete with tassels, my couple's crest, and an intaglio print of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel right on their Thank You cards. Porcelain poppies -the tremendously elegant and soft, signature wedding flower the bride and groom chose- added to the styling of the paper suites in all their delicate, crumply petal glory; To style Eugenia's Tiffany & Van Cleef wedding jewels, I used additions from the reception table setting, an original belle epoque tile, her signature Louis Vuitton scent, Attrape-Rêves (which incidentally happens to translate into what I love to do most "capture dreams"), as well as the hand-drawn sketch Jimmy Choo, signed with her bridal heels. Soon, Eugenia slipped into her Celia Kritharioti gown, and I whisked her to the window for some stunning bridal portraits soaked in natural light. I loved everything about my bride's big day looks, beaded lace skirting the tiled floors, the sleek signon hairdo, and the elegant makeup all oozed perfection. *** As for Konstantinos, allow me to say this Spetses wedding photographer is a huge black-tie fan. From his patent Louboutins to the Ermenegildo Zegna tux and bowtie, the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony, and his Creed Aventus, it was one dapper groom-style detail after the next. If you're lusting after an unequivocally chic destination wedding in Spetses Poseidonion Grand Hotel, do take notes.

Wedding Design, Planning & Styling : Only For You / Wedding Florals : Studio 7 Flowers / Lighting & Sound : Chirography / Wedding Venue : Poseidonion Grand Hotel / Groom's Attire : Suit Supply / Bridal Dress : Celia Kritharioti / Wedding Videography : Iraklis Rigas / Make Up : Emmanouela / Hair Artist : Stefanos Vasilakis

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Spetses wedding photographer captures couple exiting the church and guests throwing rise and rose petals wishing them the best for their new life together

Following their preps, Konstantinos and Eugenia revealed themselves to each other at a First Look session meeting halfway on Poseidonion's iconic spiral staircase. I was so endeared they asked me to capture this moment as the First Look is actually the longest alone-time a bride and groom can really enjoy during their big day (plus, they look their freshest, and the romance is real and unbridled). We took a walk around the hotel, biding our time to indulge in its belle epoque arches, the labyrinthine Art Deco mosaics, and its manicured back garden, capturing elegant portraits of their love and big day emotions. When the groom's Tuktuk parked at the front, it was time for Konstantinos to leave for the church and for Eugenia to step up the padded seat of her flower-festooned wedding carriage. A short ride from Dapia, the orthodox church of Saint Nicolas, one of the most famous Spetses wedding ceremony temples and as any wedding photographer in Spetses would agree, probably the most photogenic, was sparkling bright under the sun. White floral arrangements perfectly paired to its pebbled floors welcomed the couple and their closest ones for the reading of the vows, and Eugenia's horse-carriage arrival instantly brought up happy tears to everyone's eyes. Right after the beautiful couple was pronounced husband and wife, it was time for me to whisk them away for their Spetses wedding portraits while their guests headed back to Poseidonion for some amuse-bouche and bubbly.

When romantic meets classy and elegant, it's a destination wedding win. A warm and cozy sea of candles, mindblowing crisp white floral installations mixed with greenery, and breathtaking port views had everyone's hearts beating at Grand Hotel Poseidonion's checkered terrace. Anjie Georgakopoulou does know real luxury, and If I had to describe the visual impact of this Spetses wedding design with one word, that would be a fairytale. As K & E wished for a very classic but at the same time easygoing feel, Anjie put together luxurious, royalty-worthy details sure to make our bride and groom swoon. I definitely wanted to bottle up every single intricate detail into their wedding images; From the ornate-dessert display art-deco station, gilded glassware, and floral reception dinner to the hotel-inspired palettes, and opulent favors, the newlyweds spoiled everyone with personalized touches. With Poseidonion's imposing rooftop domes soaked in milky sunset hues as a backdrop and hearing the couple's carriage glide past the elegant terrace bar, every guest felt as if they had just been beamed back to the Twenties. After enjoying a five-course dinner courtesy of Poseidonion's awarded chef, Eugenia and Konstantinos cut their wedding cake and serenaded each other into their first dance as a constellation of fireworks began to sparkle in the night sky, a joy for this Spetses wedding photographer’s lens.

To say I'm obsessed with destination weddings in Spetses would feel like an understatement. K & E's intimate but oh-so opulent affair was once more sheer proof that a microwedding in Spetses can really meld a truly relaxed pace with the spectacular ambiance and taste of a Greek island while having the couple and their guests enjoy their every moment together in utter joy. Whether you are coming for the archetypal Grecian pace, the perfect setting, the means to infuse your wedding photography with unbridled beauty and swoon-worthy details, or the absolute best of a land that has so much to experience, Spetses island weddings have it all! And isn't that what making a smashing beginning is all about?

If you care to know more about how to throw the most classy wedding in Spetses, as Spetses wedding photographer with much experience on that matter, I would be happy to help!

His signature author knack for everything leading-edge has been influenced by heritage, fashion, and architecture, allowing him to infuse his photographs with a timeless style that catches real special seconds, sounds, ambiance and movement.

Crafting wedding images that bring out the natural beauty of his brides and grooms, Thanos Asfis is a photographer that embraces each wedding as a remarkable narrative. His wedding photography has garnered acclaim for its defined honesty, pitch-perfect aesthetics, and unfeigned connection to the present moment.

To move and to be moved, to capture love and make it infinite. 

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Poseidonion Grand Hotel is ready for this Spetses wedding reception