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Frequently Asked Questions

We are planning our wedding at a destination away from Greece, would you be able to travel?

Preparing for our wedding we are seeking consulting regarding time planning and styling, would you be able to help?

Of course, most of the couples I cooperate with are having their wedding far away from Athens which is my base. As long as I can fit the trip in my schedule and there is a safe way to get there, I am willing to work at any beautiful destination, no matter the distance. Greek islands, Italy & France are a usual workspace for me but I have captured weddings from Philippines, Maldives and Zanzibar to New York, Dallas, San Diego and Mexico. The traveling and accommodation expenses are not included in my fee so they come as additional cost.

Time planning your wedding day it's a matter of great importance and affects directly your wedding photography. Evening light is the softest light of the day so it is when you should plan to have your wedding or engagement portraits. An easy way to decide about the time of your wedding ceremony is to have 1.5 to 2 hrs from the end of the ceremony till sunset. Before your wedding day we will definitely arrange a Skype meeting in order to discuss your wedding itinerary and to give you styling advises if needed.

Do you also provide wedding cinematography services?

Could we know more about the booking process?

I only provide photography services but I would be happy to help you find the right wedding cinematographer according to your taste, needs and budget. You can start your research at, an agency I co-own and offers photography, cinematography and makeup solutions.

I work on a first come, first serve basis.  Sadly I cannot hold dates for you without a booking deposit and signing the contract, since I only take a limited amount of weddings each year. To book my services, a 30% deposit is required. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before your wedding date.

Once we receive our images, we would also like to have prints or a custom wedding album. Do you provide these products?

Do you take formal family photos?

Family portraits are so important. You do want your dearest all gathered in a shot. As I'm of Greek origins I truly understand the meaning of having these heirloom images in your collection. I also concentrate on getting the less staged moments and provide images you will treasure for life.

A custom wedding album or printed images is where you can actually see the quality of your photos. When you see your images on a screen the colours are close to the real colours of the photos but not 100%, since your screen most probably is not calibrated. In our studio we take colour editing to perfection levels and the only way to witness this quality is by printing through us a custom wedding album or image prints. In addition, the fine art papers we use are adding to the artistic feeling of the image, resulting to a unique high quality product.

What is your postponement policy?

Understanding how much of a stressful process may be to book a service many months in advance, for most cases of postponements, we will be able to roll your deposit for the new date.

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There is so much splendor in off-guard captions, the fine moments that naturally unfold throughout your celebrations. Then, there are those perfectly lit instances where your grace and elegance get to shine. To me, this combination is unbeatable! And If there is a wordboard to describe my creative process, meticulous and indefatigable would be on top of the list. Delivering pristine images and being fully honest in presenting my clients with everything tangible and substantial, means to dedicate and to commit. Always willing to render insights of the wedding industry into useful, time-saving consultations with your wedding designers, I will tailor your timeline, pursue the point, the perfect lighting conditions, and calculate each detail that merge your emotions to the narrative of the day. Convinced that your time and vision are of the essence, I will join your event and remain present, intentional, and gentle throughout our journey together.

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