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Italy wedding photographer | Thanos Asfis

buildings hanging from the cliff at the Amalfi coast, Italy, during sunset

Wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast: Eternal imagery on the wondrous Italian pearl

Perched among a rocky coastline overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea, Amalfi Coast stands out as a popular wedding destination for classy and romantic couples that seek a perfect wedding photoshoot in Italy. Sitting in the mouth of a ravine, Amalfi boasts a dramatic scenery embedded with nature-inspired notions, tiled towns, and small fishing boats.

Thanos Asfis, a renowned wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast, strives to encapsulate Amalfi Coast’s Italian finesse and display the grace and grit of your special day in an artistic wonderment. With years of experience as an Italy wedding photographer, Thanos captures inspiring reminders of happiness in one-of-a-kind imagery with soul and inexhaustible creativity.

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With Thanos Asfis as your wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast, you can immortalize the subtle details and turn them into a lifetime heirloom to be passed down for generations. Thanos’ attention to detail guarantees striking and refined imagery, preserving real moments of happiness with a breathtaking Italian backdrop.

Thanks to its impressive tuff cliffs, colorful buildings, and sun-washed panoramic views across the Mediterranean, Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most requested locations for destination weddings. A mosaic of blue and yellow establishments complements the turquoise skies and sea to delicately frame your wedding photoshoot in Italy all year round.

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I strive to capture the timeless substance of your wedding day in an idyllic Italian setting marked by finesse and exuberance. Entrusting me to be your wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast is a great honor and privilege. The area’s dramatic diversity and finesse inspires me to unfold the romance that seeps amongst the exquisite rocky coastline. To me, elegance is the rich and varied path of two people coming together. Being an Italy wedding photographer allows me to capture this elegance and make it infinite in a setting that enhances genuine feelings.

Having photographed weddings and portraits around the world, I feel rejuvenated at each stop. The Amalfi Coast is a favorite wedding destination on my itinerary, so if you would like to accompany me, I am always willing to make arrangements and meet you there. Being a wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast and capturing the Italian splendor and timeless romantic essence is a challenge I am always thrilled to take on.

Amalfi wedding at villa Cimbrone ceremony captured by photographer Thanos Asfis

Amalfi wedding photographer captures couple on a vespa in Italy wearing sunglasses and laughing

A wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast, an alluring setting

Italy is renowned for being the country of love and romance. Specifically, Amalfi Coast boasts a spectacular allure with quaint little bays, stunning scenery, and translucent blue waters. Offering splendid views, Italy’s surreal coastline is a picture-perfect location for striking yet refined wedding photos to cherish for life. Trust Thanos to be your Italy wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast to reveal the hidden romanticism and eclectic charm overflowing from the Italian coastline.

A wedding photoshoot in Amalfi offers scenic landscapes to both luxury and minimalist couples alike. Embark on a captivating wedding experience and create eloquent imagery framed with natural accents of Italian glamour. Mark Twain once said, "the Creator made Italy from the designs of Michelangelo": let yourself be bewitched, captivate real feelings, and pose in an artistically wondrous location to eternalize your happiest day. That’s amore!

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Facing the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is yet another choice for a magical wedding. Set in the midst of green hills, it exhibits majestic scenery and marvelous viewpoints. The lush lemon-scented town of Sorrento and its characteristic tuff cliffs add a refined touch to a wedding pictorial.

Perched amongst a beautiful coast of rugged cliffs and sandy coves, Ravello features a small ancient town far from Italy’s modern hustle and bustle. Ravello is the perfect wedding location for absorbing the peaceful atmosphere and having an intimate and unhurried wedding experience.

Being Italy’s most sought-after wedding location, Positano entices the newlyweds. With breathtaking scenery composed of cobbled alleys,  lush green gardens, and century-old monuments, Positano is a forever classic choice for couples looking for a wedding photoshoot sprinkled with elegance and Italian charm.

Testimonials for Amalfi Wedding Photographer Thanos Asfis

Amalfi wedding photographer captures couple drinking champagne after their marital ceremony

Thanos was amazing! His photos turned out better than we can ever imagine, and all my friends and family loved them. What is great about Thanos is he captures the emotion surrounding the moment. His photos, while glamorous, are also a true testament to the event. I was amazed by all the fun, sentimental and caring moments his photos captured. I recommend him 100000%.

Alessandra & Ethan

Wedding in amalfi

Couple poses for Amalfi wedding photographer after their ceremony

Trying to describe the happiness & appreciation my wife & I have had with Thanos Asfis is like trying to describe the best moment of your life when you are 95 years old. How can you pick only one part of the experience? Thanos is a TRUE professional in every way. From his demeanor & always pleasant attitude to having the best equipment for your event, he provides fantastic results and images to save for a lifetime.

Sendell & Carlos

Wedding in CANCUN


Italy wedding Villa Cimbrone couple laughing opening a champagne