Milos wedding photographer captures Anna at Sarakiniko beach

MILOS Wedding photographer | SARAKINIKO, MILOS, Greece


Fine art portrait photography on the white ROCKS of Sarakiniko beach, the most photographed location in milos island

Milos wedding photographer catching first light in Sarakiniko
Milos wedding photographer captures Sarakiniko from above

Feeling The Heart Full, Photographing My Life's Muse

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As a Milos photographer, Sarakiniko is the one location in this spectacular Greek island I love going back, explore and photograph again and again. It is a visual paradise, a place where you can’t resist admiring from the time the sun rises, when the warm light starts shaping the white rocks and reflecting on the turquoise water, till the last breath of the day when you can watch the endless horizon meeting the calm Aegean Sea. During the touristic high season, this place is crowded by people holding their cameras, trying to capture a piece of its magic. Only the few, truly committed, that are willing to wake up before the rest, are able to get a glimpse of this beauty naked from the crowds. My muse, love & life partner accepted the task, making this Milos photographer a happy artist. Even though we arrived 5 minutes before sunrise, we were surprised to find a few cars already parked at the parking, and their passengers practicing their photography skills next to the salted rocks. We managed to claim a whole area just for us, but in half hour the traffic got much thicker. Besides all difficulties, we came up with some creative imagery we both hold close to our heart, making this Milos photographer longing for the next visit to Sarakiniko.

Milos wedding photographer captures Anna

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