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Greece destination wedding: 5 photography ideas for a memorable and picture-perfect wedding in Greece.

A destination wedding in Greece guarantees enviable wedding photography with a unique backdrop embodying moments of happiness. Discover the best photography ideas to elegantly frame your blissful day with Grecian aesthetics to cherish forever. Get inspired by romantic sunsets, stroll around idyllic islands, pose in lavish hotels. Thanos Asfis, a luxury wedding photographer in Greece, shares his insights and tips that guarantee a memorable and picture-perfect wedding in Greece.

1. Travel around for a perfect wedding in Greece pictorial.

The perfect sail boat for the a pre-wedding event for this wedding in Greece

Travel your way around Greece to spice up your wedding imagery. Get inspired by the Grecian unique and eclectic beauty that vastly reveals itself all around the mainland and the islands. Hop on a day cruise with your beloved ones or go island-hopping. Marvel at various settings and let your photographer artistically capture your happiness in the charming azure landscapes. Create blissful heirloom photography with a “travel touch” to be passed down for generations.

Greece destination wedding on a half-day cruise

Organize a half-day cruise with your beloved ones and let an experienced wedding photographer in Greece capture real moments of bliss while onboard. A luxury cruise ship is always an enticing detail as it adds an elegant touch to your wedding photography. Additionally, the azure and transparent Greek waters reflecting the sun embellish your photographs with unique colors and natural frames. Get a glimpse of the romantic sunset, relax on board, trust your spontaneity and let your wedding in Greece mesmerize your senses.

A sunny day enjoyed on a yacht before an amazing wedding in Greece

Island hopping Greece destination wedding

Opt for an island-hopping wedding photography session to explore some of the best and most superb locations for weddings in Greece. Choose from a large variety of islands to find the ones that best fit your aesthetics. Hop on board, and set sail to discover impeccable islands, such as Santorini island, Mykonos island, Naxos island, and many more. Breathe in the Grecian ambiance and let your wedding photographer in Greece eternalize your happiest moments in diverse and luxurious islets.

Guests of wedding in Greece - Spetses say cheers to the couple


Partying in Greece and especially on your wedding day is probably the best way to captivate and eternalize feelings of pure joy and blissfulness with your beloved ones. Arrange a small pre-wedding beach party or a cocktail gathering with live music. Inspire your photographer to capture those spontaneous and carefree moments of dancing and enjoying yourselves alongside your guests in a gorgeous, tactfully decorated alternative setting while the sun goes down. Be the star amongst stunning shots of special cocktails, beach decors, and marvelous surroundings before you prepare for the big day.

Pre-wedding beach party immersion

A pre-wedding beach party is one of the most alluring wedding experiences that guarantees ravishing memories and heirloom wedding photography. Gather your closest friends and family and immerse yourselves in an open romantic seafront setting while the wind and waves sing their praises over your eternal union. A destination wedding in Greece caters to the lovers of the blue skies and transparent waters, so all you have to do is let yourself unwind with your toes in the sand and marvel at the sun setting on the horizon.

Pre-wedding cocktail hour reception

Indulge in a pre-wedding cocktail reception right before saying the final “I do.” Find the perfect venue, be it an art gallery, a seafront hotel, or that historic house that always drew your attention. Set a theme or a specific dress code and let your guests mingle while sipping champagne or specially customized cocktails named after your Greece destination wedding peculiarities. Provide your guests with activities, plug a speaker in, or even better, hire a live band to perform for you. Have a lavish pre-wedding reception and take striking pictures to reminisce forever.


Wedding in Greece at a white washed chapel of Mykonos

Immerse yourselves in the greek culture and give your Greece destination wedding that local feeling and perspective that takes your wedding pictures one step further. Get a better understanding of the various cultural elements and embellish your wedding in Greece with traditional and local hues that elegantly remind you of your happiest day. Plan a Greek food fusion fine dining tasting, join a traditional Greek dancing traditional fair, break plates specially designed for your wedding photography’s sake and trust your photographer to grab notions of merriment in unequaled wedding shots.

Greek food culinary experience

Turn into an absolute food connoisseur and explore Greece’s culinary treasures in a pre-wedding Greek food tasting. Discover the origins of the most renowned Greek spirits and indulge in a scrumptious tasting to better experience the Greek cuisine and its eclectic produce. Treat yourself to a high-quality gastronomical experience, and encourage your wedding photographer in Greece to capture the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment drawn on your face in a noteworthy and vivid moment.

Greek dancing genuine performance

A wedding in Greece goes hand in hand with a traditional Greek dancing show, a detail worth adding to your wedding photography itinerary. Arrange to attend a live show, or even better, hire a group of professional dancers to perform at your wedding. Let the Greek folklore music sweep you off your feet, marvel at the dancers’ costumes, and dance to the rhythm of the country’s traditional music. This is a cherry on the cake experience for your wedding photographer in Greece, who is given a chance to embody the local essence in your wedding pictures.


Wedding in Greece at Poseidonion hotel Spetses

Providing your guests with a post-wedding brunch allows you to save some time from planning the perfect reception. Tailor your post-wedding brunch to your Greece destination wedding expectations and turn it into an exceptional photography setting. A post-wedding brunch gives you the freedom and flexibility to adjust everything to your liking, including the invitations, decorations, dress code, and of course, the menu. Can you think of a better way to spend some extra time with your guests other than indulging in a typical, picture-perfect Greek brunch right at the seafront?

Αn authentic Greek wedding brunch

A post-wedding brunch is typically held the morning after the wedding. It usually takes up to 3 hours, but since you celebrate a wedding in Greece, you better get over the time limitations and allow yourself some schedule flexibility. Noon in Greece is linked to having ouzo and meze; thus, if you want to get the real Greek experience, hold a post-wedding brunch featuring traditional greek gastronomical elements to both please the palate and align with the greek expectations.

Typical and tasty Greek delicacies

A meze is a small dish served alongside ouzo or raki. It usually consists of typical Greek flavors and features condiments, grilled meats, fresh seafood, and much more. Have a pleasant post-wedding brunch and snap gorgeous wedding pictures decorated with a traditional seaside background featuring you and your guests calmly enjoying a truly Greek wedding experience. Your destination wedding in Greece is going to be an authentic sight to behold!


Your wedding day is almost over, and your reception was a major hit. For an ultimate ending to your perfect destination wedding in Greece, consider providing your guests with a wedding favor or a parting gift to reminisce forever and cherish your happy day. Wedding favors are very common in Greek weddings, and there is a large variety to choose from. Keep in mind that opting for typical Greek souvenirs gives a different touch to your wedding and shows great in photos too!

Gift bag ideas for a destination wedding in Greece

There are so many ways to give something unexpected and special to your guests to mark your wedding day gracefully in their minds when hosting a wedding in Greece. Wedding favors can be anything, from small chocolate treats to fresh flowers and delicately curved, personalized gifts. You can get as creative as you want and grant wedding favors that reflect your personality and style. Remember that the wedding favors add a romantic hue to your wedding pictorial, and an experienced photographer knows exactly how to artistically turn these subtle details into an ethereal photography result. If you are looking for a wedding favor to both represent Greece and your personal aesthetics, here are some striking ideas to keep notes on:

  • Miniature olive oil bottles
  • Miniature ouzo bottles
  • Evil eye charms
  • Traditional jewelry made in Greece
  • Small ancient Greek scriptures
  • Ancient Greek archaeology replicas
  • Olive oil beauty products
  • Greek ceramics & pottery

    Thanos Asfis, an experienced wedding photographer in Greece and the islands, strives to capture classic images that stand the test of time. He aims to create pictures to be part of a legacy and be passed on to generations. To him, elegance is the rich and varied path of two people coming together, and he makes it infinite in a setting that enhances genuine feelings. His expertise, locality, and attention to detail make for a perfect photography destination wedding in Greece. Browse through his well-thought-out gallery featuring those small details that make a big difference on your wedding pictorial.

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