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To move and to be moved, to capture love and make it infinite. Crafting wedding images that bring out the natural beauty of his brides and grooms, Thanos Asfis embraces each wedding as a remarkable narrative. His wedding photography has garnered acclaim for its defined honesty, pitch-perfect aesthetics, and unfeigned connection to the present moment. His signature author knack for everything leading-edge has been influenced by heritage, fashion, and architecture, allowing him to infuse his photographs with a timeless style that catches real special seconds, sounds, ambiance and movement.


Throughout my whole course as a Santorini wedding photographer I have had the opportunity to document weddings throughout the entire Santorini island. Weddings at Theros Wave bar in Vlychada beach Santorini definitely carry what I like to call that “pinch me” feel.  And no, you don’t have to be a Santorini Theros Wave Bar wedding photographer like me to instantly recognize the pretty that awaits your Santorini vows. 

The famed Eros beach on Santorini’s southern edge is a continuation of Vlychada beach, and lies only 9 km away from Fira, and if you have been dreaming of truly spectacular Santorini wedding photography, you will find your Greece destination wedding soaked in the staggering beauty of the white-brown cliffs that encircle it. Naturally sculptured by the waves and wind over the years, the almost lunar landscape of Eros (yes, the Greek God of Love gave his name to this incredible scene) looks almost unreal. Imagine having your Santorini wedding portraits at dusk with its exotic and romantic vistas as your backdrop. 

Having your wedding at Theros Wave bar Santorini also means that your guests will get to enjoy plenty of beauty basking in bliss during your cocktail hour or during your Theros Wave Bar wedding reception. Theros Wave Bar is the ideal choice for your festivities. A fairytale scene, exactly as you have dreamed of, Theros will be transformed for your special day and welcome the two of you, your beloved ones, with the most atmospheric music, mouthwatering flavors, impressive lighting and outstanding views to fill pages after pages on your Santorini wedding album. 

As a specialized photographer of Theros Wave Bar Weddings  I will work with your teams and take care of everything. You just have to live the experience. It will be one of a kind. I can promise you this. I will make sure I capture all the stylish decor your Santorini wedding planner has prepared for you, your cheerful emotions, the vibe of your wedding party but also the fine little moments that speak volumes of your journey together. With my Theros Wave Bar wedding photography services you have nothing to fear, but you do have plenty to enjoy. 

Contact me directly to discuss your Theros Wave Bar Wedding and I will be happy to share more information and help you scratch that “find the best Santorini wedding photographer” off your wedding checklist.