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To move and to be moved, to capture love and make it infinite. Crafting wedding images that bring out the natural beauty of his brides and grooms, Thanos Asfis embraces each wedding as a remarkable narrative. His wedding photography has garnered acclaim for its defined honesty, pitch-perfect aesthetics, and unfeigned connection to the present moment. His signature author knack for everything leading-edge has been influenced by heritage, fashion, and architecture, allowing him to infuse his photographs with a timeless style that catches real special seconds, sounds, ambiance and movement.


Will you be traveling far and wide to have a luxury destination wedding in Greece? Then you are probably seeking to  have your  Mykonos I do’s in a Cycladic gem. As a Saint John Mykonos wedding photographer allow me to give you the lowdown of what a magical destination wedding in Saint John Mykonos feels like. 

Located near the bay of Agios Ioannis, on the western coast of Mykonos, Saint John Mykonos attracts discerning brides and grooms  and jet-setters and alike. Your vows in Saint John Mykonos mean you will land with a distinctive Greece luxury wedding experience in this incredibly chic wedding venue Greece has to offer. 

I get truly inspired every time I work with a beautiful couple who come to live their Mykonos wedding at Saint John Mykonos. My goal as their Saint John wedding photographer is to capture their love story in all its nuances, from their first look to their wedding ceremony and from their first dances to the most gorgeously styled wedding details. Creating a timeless story for my couples means providing them with the best services a fine art photographer in Greece can offer, as well as blend the beauty of their Saint John Mykonos events to the vibes of their celebration. 

The luxe, five-star resort has access to its own private beach and features an oasis of swimming pools, gardens and elegant bridges. This translates as Mykonos wedding portraits heaven to my elegant couples. My Saint John Mykonos wedding photography services are designed to take advantage of the entrie venue, whether your choice is to have a Saint John Mykonos elopement, to begin your wedding preparations at Saint John Mykonos or create an elegant Mykonos celebration in Saint John for your reception. 

I want your Mykonos wedding photography to speak volumes of your beauty together, to capture the emotions as well as your fine bridal style without leaving anything to chance. My Saint John Mykonos wedding photographer work will bottle up lifelong memories that will be rekindled time after time for many years to come. 

Nestle your Mykonos destination wedding guests where everything is pristine: Icy-white perfection, from the white cabanas, parasols and beds lining the terraces to the spotless interiors to match. Alongside your Saint John Mykonos glam wedding design, this sumptuous, TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence-winning retreat offers three fine-dining restaurants, a tranquil spa and sophisticated bars, all perfect for your loved ones to enjoy. 

From bachelor and hen parties, honeymoons, to wedding anniversaries and couples renewing their vows, Saint John Mykonos events come with all the magic the island of the winds holds. That is why I am devoted to crafting for you the ultimate Saint John Mykonos wedding ceremony images. 

Contact me directly to get more insights about my Saint John Mykonos wedding photography services, talk about your upcoming Mykonos weddings plan and score a Mykonos fine art wedding photographer whose vision will blend perfectly the aesthetics of your destination to luxury wedding images that will have you feel like a superstar.