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To move and to be moved, to capture love and make it infinite. Crafting wedding images that bring out the natural beauty of his brides and grooms, Thanos Asfis embraces each wedding as a remarkable narrative. His wedding photography has garnered acclaim for its defined honesty, pitch-perfect aesthetics, and unfeigned connection to the present moment. His signature author knack for everything leading-edge has been influenced by heritage, fashion, and architecture, allowing him to infuse his photographs with a timeless style that catches real special seconds, sounds, ambiance and movement.



Is a destination wedding in Italy part of your upcoming season plans? Then chances are you are considering a destination wedding in Puglia. As a Puglia wedding photographer let me just say your Puglia wedding is going to be a dream. Puglia weddings are becoming so popular these days and who could blame those destination brides and grooms who wish to have a Masseria wedding (I’m talking about these beautiful ranch getaway havens), a glamorous villa wedding in Puglia, or tie the knot on one of its elegant seaside resorts. 

The remote heel of Italy’s boot dramatically combines fairytale cottages, Baroque architecture and some of the best sandy beaches in mainland Italy. The handsome Martina Franca and the engaging Lecce, with Basilian chapels or prehistoric dolmens around make for the most impressive Puglia wedding photography backdrop. Every Puglia destination wedding in fact, comes with a bonus: the most delicious cuisine you and your Italy destination wedding guests have ever tried. 

My Puglia wedding photography services will ensure that you get the best out of your experience, capturing your incredible parties, activities and every fine nuance of your big day. But that is not all. Allow me to introduce you to the best Puglia wedding venues and let you in on why a destination wedding in Puglia is so magical and unique. 


A Masseria wedding in Puglia comes with all the benefits of an exclusive luxury hotel and reception venue, and in my experience as a Puglia photographer it reflects all the beauty and charm of the region. Masseria weddings may remind you a lot of Greece destination weddings and that is hardly an accident as Puglia is also known as Magna Grecia (great Greece). White washed structures, olive groves and sparkling water beaches only with an Italian twist.  Specialists at hosting Italy wedding celebrations with many parties the best venues in Puglia are naturally talented at creating an ambiance with their traditional tarandtella dances and creamy light. My advice? Do not miss the chance to have a 3-day Puglia affair for a wedding in Puglia, packed with a rehearsal dinner in a rustic villa, to hold a gorgeous olive grove ceremony in Puglia, or an after the wedding Slim Aarons style pool party. The Puglia wedding tradition of a  “Festa in Piazza” where various local specialties are presented on islands in the Masseria while guests taste, try and celebrate – is a total win.


Step back in time and experience the scents, colours and atmosphere of traditional Puglia with a beautiful rustic Masseria Spina wedding, with its rose quartz colored stuccoed walls and lush gardens. As your Masseria Spina wedding photographer I will make sure every bit of pretty is captured in elegant visuals  while you and your loved ones enjoy. 

If you have your hearts set on a Puglia resort wedding then a Borgo Egnazia wedding is the one not to miss. A stunning resort, comprising of accommodation, restaurants, a spa, golf course – all within picturesque surroundings, Borgo Egnazia with its creamy luxurious suites (hello newlywed bliss) rustic casetas (dinners) and superb villas (preparations of your wedding in Borgo Egnazia Villa Meravigliosa ooze perfection) is a complete Shangri-La! Allow my Borgo Egnazia wedding photography services to capture your wonderful portraits in the Mediterranean gardens, as you soak up the sun in your private gazebo. Exchange your Borgo Egnazia wedding vows in the harmony of arches that frame glimpses of century-old olive trees and sea scenarios in the distance, and you won’t be dissappointed. 

Combining the elegance of the Greek islands and a destination wedding in Greece with a destination wedding in Italy would seem completely insane, if it wasn’t for every wedding in Masseria Potenti. Masseria Potenti weddings in fact, will make it quite the task to distinguish which one of the two hot wedding destinations you are in. No wonder as the 16th-century Puglia stretches right into the Ionian sea. The orangery decked with white muslin drapes, the sunny Agavi Portico,  and the Moorish-influenced Androna Porch all make for the dreamiest settings to you Puglia wedding photography. Having photographed endless Italy destination weddings , the weddings at Masseria Potenti are definitely some of my favourite ones. 

If you are the kind of couple who would love a wedding in a Puglia castle, then Castello di Ugento is Puglia’s newest luxury castle hotel to make your big day a breeze. Cradled within the castle’s 17th-century walls your Castello di Ugento wedding photography will be strewn with frescoed perfection, modern Italian design and sleek Puglia wedding visuals. Wishing for a signature Salento wedding ? Then your Castello Monaci wedding will be simply unforgettable, keeping its magical, unaltered charm along with six centuries of history. With the beautiful beaches of Punta Prosciutto, Torre Lapillo and Porto Cesareo close-by along with the historic city of Lecce, there are plenty of day trip options to soak up the beauty Puglia weddings have to offer.


There are so many places to have your elopement in Puglia that after a bit of search your head may begin to spin. Worry not, as a well-versed Puglia elopement photographer, I’ve got you covered. What about celebrating your romantic big day in the heart of an actual world heritage site? Having an Alberobello wedding is all about it! You can have a civil Puglia ceremony or a catholic wedding ceremony in Puglia in a resplendent “Trullo”. Located high on the charming limestone plateau “Murge” the magnificent view of the charming white Trulli will give your Alberobello wedding photography an unparalleled appeal. Palazzo Daniele is perfect for a Puglia elopement.  Sister property of G-Rough in Rome, the townhouse is part of Gabriele Salini’s collection of wholly original hotels that bind art, design, history, and authenticity. Imagine having your Puglia intimate wedding portraits taken in its premises. Wow and wow! 

Contact me directly to get to enjoy a completely stress-free Puglia wedding photography experience and I will happily share more insights about a Puglia engagement,  your Puglia elopement wedding, more top places to have a lavish wedding in Puglia, and some serious tips on the best Italy wedding planners to make your dreams a reality. With my Puglia wedding photographer services on your side you’re in for a magical (and safe) journey ahead.