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To move and to be moved, to capture love and make it infinite. Crafting wedding images that bring out the natural beauty of his brides and grooms, Thanos Asfis embraces each wedding as a remarkable narrative. His wedding photography has garnered acclaim for its defined honesty, pitch-perfect aesthetics, and unfeigned connection to the present moment. His signature author knack for everything leading-edge has been influenced by heritage, fashion, and architecture, allowing him to infuse his photographs with a timeless style that catches real special seconds, sounds, ambiance and movement.


Dreaming of a destination wedding in Greece? Let it be your Mykonos Alemagou wedding that will merge your fondest memories to the heavenly pleasures of the chicest Mykonos beach wedding venue ! My Mykonos Alemagou wedding photography is bound to cover every beautiful aspect of your big day and bring you images you will want to look at over and again. 

Known for its hedonistic, rosé-fuelled all-day getaway chic, its sun-worshipping Mykonos weddings and the most magical Mykonos beach ceremony to ever be had on a sunset, this remotely located stylish spot on the sand brings about all the chill Mykonian vibes a Mykonos destination wedding seeks. From stunning American couples who seek to exchange their vows in Mykonos, to boho-beach Mykonos wedding receptions and affairs, handsome grooms and beauties from around the globe book the sweetest spot in the Mykonos- I do’s land. 

Think of stretches of powder soft sands where you can have your barefoot luxury wedding, interior design that evokes all the languid wedding pretty, typical cycladic architecture with contemporary organic chic and there you have it, a superb beach wedding in Mykonos hub. Exuding simplicity and shaded by the reed-thatched roof, Alemagou beach bar & restaurant in Ftelia Mykonos feels like a natural, uber-relaxed sanctuary where time stands still. 

As your Alemagou wedding photographer I want all that beauty to come into your images and fine art photography in Mykonos. My goal is to have you feel pampered (and a little spoiled) in timeless wedding images that will carry that chic vibe of your Mykonos events, be it your Alemagou wedding reception, your Alemagou wedding party, or a shinning rustic wedding at Alemagou. 

Don’t be surprised, even Mykonos wedding planners have chosen this beautiful venue to tie the knot. Set on a private, stylish pocket of Mykonos, Alemagou is definitely something unique for your guests to enjoy. The feeling that you have scored your very own peaceful spot to exchange your vows and party till the wee hours without hassle will have you thrilled.  

My Alemagou wedding services will be there for you. We’ll shoot your fine art wedding Mykonos portraits near Alemagou’s rocky formations as you walk the waterfront at sunset. What thrills me as an Alemagou wedding photographer is that the light is great during the entire day, which means you can have an early ceremony, or wait until sundown to allow your wedding to carry that almost Caribbean feel. 

As I have had the privillege of shooting countless Alemagou weddings and will be heading back to Mykonos this coming season for more luxury events, do not hesitate to contact me directly to help you with building the right timeline and nail that dreamy Mykonos wedding feel in all your images. Let’s make your nuptials unforgettable together!