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To move and to be moved, to capture love and make it infinite. Crafting wedding images that bring out the natural beauty of his brides and grooms, Thanos Asfis embraces each wedding as a remarkable narrative. His wedding photography has garnered acclaim for its defined honesty, pitch-perfect aesthetics, and unfeigned connection to the present moment. His signature author knack for everything leading-edge has been influenced by heritage, fashion, and architecture, allowing him to infuse his photographs with a timeless style that catches real special seconds, sounds, ambiance and movement.


Seeking after the perfect Greece wedding destination to throw an unforgettable mansion wedding? One of the best parts of my job as a Kinsterna wedding photographer is the pure joy to see my couples happy on their special day. My biggest goal as Kinsterna wedding photographer is to make sure that you get to experience your Monemvasia wedding at its fullest. 

My Kinsterna wedding photography services will be there for you to capture and safe keep every emotion, snap your statement wedding style and immortalize your love story. From the smallest wedding day details, to the grandest wedding decor, and from your finest candid shots to your Kinsterna fine art wedding portraiture you are in good capable hands. 

Kinsterna Monemvasia has been named the leading light among Greece’s historic hotels. This centuries-old mansion will pamper your Kinsterna wedding guests with an outstanding spa and offer superb views over “Greece’s Gibraltar”, the majestic rock of Monemvasia in south-eastern Peloponnese. Imagine having your Monemvasia wedding photography laced with gentle mountain slopes among 15 acres of vineyards, hoary olive trees and lemon-orange groves. Kinsterna is actually a wedding destination in itself. Dotted with period pieces such as fireplaces or small, defensive outer windows, round Byzantine arches that coexist with bevelled Venetian recesses fashioned on walls decorated with Ottoman ornamental pebbles. T

hanks to my Kinsterna wedding photography services everything you experience on your wedding day will be captured for life. This stunning Peloponnese wedding venue’s most impressive premisces bamboo ceilings, the cast iron tables and the upholstery’s neutral grey add to the medieval ambience, making it ideal for romantic destination weddings in Greece, warming the soul and creating a unique wedding reception atmosphere where luxury meets ground-breaking beauty. 

Feel free to get in touch with me at any time if you would like to celebrate your elegant wedding in Kinsterna or if you are planning a luxury Monemvasia wedding . I would love to hear from you and will be happy to share more Kinsterna wedding photography information as well as my exclusive Kinsterna Wedding photographer services. Let’s begin your beautiful Monemvasia wedding adventure together!