Greece engagement photographer captures couple hugging at the balcony of Poseidonion Grand hotel in Spetses

Engagement photographer in Greece captures couple sunbathing on the deck of a sailboat

Greece portrait photographer | Thanos Asfis

Greece engagement & anniversary photographer: Stunning images for before and after I do

They say your wedding goes by in a flash and though you leave the day feeling incredible, it is a whirlwind. As an experienced Greece portrait photographer, Thanos Asfis knows that sometimes the most genuine photographs of a couple occur in more quiet moments. Hiring a photographer for a pre or post-wedding adventure with your love is a great way to document genuine, relaxed moments to remember forever.

Thanos is an experienced Greece engagement and anniversary photographer and would be happy to meet you for a photoshoot during a memorable day of your choosing to create an unforgettable pictorial of just you and your loved one. Along with Thanos, craft an inspiring day engaging in your favorite activities so you feel completely at ease for natural and stunning photographs. Your perfect day awaits you...

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A Perfect Day to Remember Forever

With Thanos Asfis by your side, live your perfect day and document it to keep forever. If you’re looking for a photographer before your nuptials, or a Greece anniversary photographer to celebrate your favorite day of the year, Thanos will gladly join wherever your love takes you. Whatever your perfect day means to you, it deserves to live on in infamy.

When you think of your perfect day with your love, what does it look, smell, taste, and feel like? Maybe it’s a grand adventure in a far-off land, or simply sharing a bottle of champagne atop a rooftop, it is an expression of you. Documenting these special moments with a Greece engagement-moon photographer, whether it be in the Mediterranean or far from it, ensures you remember them for a lifetime.

Engagement photographer in Greece captures couple sunbathing on the deck of a sailboat

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Nothing is more powerful than capturing a feeling

Finding Meaning in Emotions

Being a photographer means I am privy to the emotional connections of couples. I get to know them on a personal level and learn what it is that makes their relationship unique. As a Greece engagement photographer, it is a special opportunity for me to get to spend time with a couple in a relaxed but loving setting where their truest emotions shine through. I find the pictures of authentic moments between a couple are often the ones that they end up loving the most.

Having photographed countless couples at various stages in their relationships, I would be honored to spend time learning more about your story. Whether you’re looking for a Greece engagement-moon photographer to be with you before and after your wedding, or just want to spend a quiet day with the one you love on your anniversary, I understand how special these moments are. As your Greece portrait photographer, I vow to capture every moment, no matter how small or fleeting, to create a grand pictorial of your love that you can cherish forever.

Thanos Asfis

couple kissing at the stairs of Poseidonion Grand hotel in Spetses after their engagement

Capturing every detail of your perfect day


3 activities for beautiful portraits, courtesy of a Greece engagement photographer

03 Have a romantic dinner

02 Sail to a nearby island

01 Rent a convertible

A romantic dinner by candlelight is an excellent setting for captivating photographs. For undisturbed photos without other patrons, consider renting a charming villa by the sea, or an Airbnb which has an amazing rooftop with stunning views. Wear your finest attire, crack open a bottle of wine, and create an idyllic pictorial with your loved one over the course of a delectable meal.

There’s something undeniably captivating about spending a day at sea. In Greece, sailing is second nature and the Aegean Sea makes for an unparalleled backdrop for astonishing photos of stark blues and pure whites. Ask your photographer to join as you cruise around a harbor, or if you’re feeling adventurous, sail to a nearby island for the most romantic clicks.

Go from point A to point B in classic style as you and your loved one cruise through the olive-tree-laden countryside with a convertible. Renting a convertible is equal parts stunning imagery and an enthralling outing. Head down a scenic coast, make stops at various beaches and feel a sense of freedom as your Greece portrait photographer snaps images along the way.

Testimonials for Greece Portrait Photographer Thanos Asfis

If you want high-quality photography, amazing results, and a photographer who you will enjoy working with, then look no further. Thanos Asfis offers the whole package from being a Greece engagement photographer to wedding photographer. We had a great time with him. He is very professional, willing to listen, had great suggestions, and an amazing personality. The results were incredible and we couldn't be any happier with them. The quality of the prints and the albums literally amazed our friends and family, and we kept being asked about our photographer. He is an excellent photographer and we couldn't thank him enough because we have some amazing pictures from our wedding to look at for the rest of our lives. We couldn't be any happier.

Stef & Alex

engagement in spetses

couple eating ice cream and laughing after their engagement in Athens

Alessandra & Ethan

Thanos is beyond incredible! A first-class, professional and amazing photographer. He took to-die-for, magazine-quality photos for the portrait session we had on our engagement, listened throughout, and understood exactly what we wanted. He helped us relax and his positive energy and style warmed up the room and led to some fantastic candid photos. Fantastic skills aside, Thanos is a warm and friendly fun person, and provided much-needed calm. My husband and I couldn't have been happier with our choice of photographer. He was charming, sincere, easy to work with, and best of all, felt like a natural part of our company instead of a forced intrusion. Thank you, Thanos!.

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Just engaged couple pops a champagne laughing, dressed with formal attire with Acropolis in the background